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Introduction of developers

Achievement as a scientist

Tiitled granted as Academician from the Ukraine Science Academy ( technological and cybernetic).(1993)
Titled granted as Academician from Medical Engineering and a Science Academy in Russia sectional meeting.(1997)
Awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Science from the National Technical University Of Yaroslav, Russia. A Honorable Military Major General Surgeon is granted from the Russian Federal Republic Department of Defense space medicine section in the same year.(1998)
He won the award of"Quality Of Life" as top scientists in the "First International Congress Of the Ageing Society, ( International Ageing Society)" which was held in Italy sponsored by European Parliament in (WHO) · World Health Organization".(1998)

Achievement to health mission

Humanitarian activities for nuclear disaster survivors were conducted

These humanitarian efforts were conducted to assist the victims of the Chernobyl accident(1995)
The wife of Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, Raisa Gorbachyova, visited Gifu to deliver a certificate expressing the country’s gratitude.

Humanitarian efforts for the poor were conducted

Activities to supply poor people in the Philippines with this product free of charge were conducted. Supply to medical organizations within the Philippines government (PCSO) launched.(2001)

Humanitarian efforts for malaria patients were conducted

Following an invitation from the head of state in Papua New Guinea, humanitarian activities for malaria were carried out. (2002)

Humanitarian efforts for the SARS epidemic

Humanitarian efforts were conducted in coordination with Tianjin University, including the presentation of Bio-Normalizer. (2003)

Humanitarian efforts were conducted for AIDS patients

Humanitarian activities were conducted at the “AIDS Children Hospice” in Thailand. (2006)
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