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For people with shorter lifespans, aging comes quicker.

If you notice signs of aging, green papaya can help slow their progression. 。

In actuality, the majority of it is generated by the cells, and it has a protective function for the body as well.
However, when the total volume of it gets excessive, it can contribute to aging and disease instead.
Antioxidant enzymes such as SOD (superoxide dismutase) modulate these effects.
BN Pet is packed with antioxidants from green papaya, and this health food product is fermented using traditional Japanese techniques to make it easier to absorb. If you’re concerned about how your pet is aging, try BN Pet.

Features of BN pet

BN Pet contains no additives, and it supports the creation of a healthy free of sickness by improving immune function.

BN Pet is derived from Bio-Normalizer, which was first researched and developed in 1969 by Dr. Akira Ohsato, and it is a fermented papaya food product made with organically grown green papaya fruit from the Philippines. Bio-Normalizer has been used in numerous clinical research projects, and its effects has been verified and reported. The principles they use are shown to be effective for both plants and animals. BN Pet maximizes the self-healing ability of all animals and is a dedicated pet-use fermented papaya food product designed to create a body with strong resistance to illness.

If you notice these kinds of symptoms in your pets, it’s time to start aging care.

Doesn’t want to play.

Movements are sluggish, sleeping time during the day has increased. Doesn’t enjoy walks.

In order to slow the progression of aging, antioxidants must be absorbed into the body so they can remove the built-up activated oxygen.

Dull coat.

Fur falls out often. Skin is dried out and in poor condition.

If the volume of activated oxygen continues to build up, the growth of cells all over the body will be stunted.

Constipation and diarrhea are frequent.

The smells of stool, body odor, and breath are pungent. Conditions such as constipation and diarrhea are unstable.

In a young and healthy intestine, intestinal flora destroy activated oxygen.

Quality you can trust

Awarded the “Verified and Recommended Superb Product” certification by the Nagoya Veterinary Cooperation Society.

Your product “Health at First Sight BN Pet” (below: “BN Pet”) has been confirmed to comply with all Japanese and overseas health and safety standards and cleared the product safety testing of a public organization. For this reason, we hereby certify it as a Verified and Recommended Superb Product. The main ingredient of BN Pet is organically-cultivated papaya fruit. The manufacturing process uses a proprietary fermentation technique, and the finished product contains no preservatives or other additives of any kind. It regulated activated oxygen in animals, elevating their intrinsic self-healing abilities, and can also promote intestinal and digestive actions, provide relief for pain, inflammation, and allergy symptoms, and help maintain health.

Nagoya City Veterinary Medical Association
Certified Recommended Products

Certified recommended product

ISO22000 certified
GMP certified
HACCP certified
HALAL certified
USDAorganic certified

Product inspection

Product inspection
Acute toxicity test
LD50 (testing the dosage which produces a 50% mortality among test subjects
Qualitative / quantitative testing and hazardous metal inspection
Pesticide residue analysis
Genetically modified food test

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