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Papaya Soap

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Papaya Soap
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Namepapaya soapProduct nameBlessing of papaya
Materialolive oil, water,
palm kernel oil, sodium hydrate,
palm olein, rice bran oil,
grape seeds oil, papaya fruit extract,
yeast culture, glucose,


*Do not use if it does not fit your skin or if you have any abnormalities on your skin.
*The color and shape are different for handmade soap without additives such as naturally dried finish and quality stabilizer, but there is no problem in use.

This soap is made with all-natural ingredients, so it’s gentle on your skin.

The power of plant enzymes removes impurities, and the olive oil keeps skin moist.

There are various different kinds of skin problems such as rough skin, scratchy skin, acne, dull skin tone, and dirt-clogged pores. The main causes of all of these problems are slowed skin replacement due to pores getting clogged with old keratin skin cells. The properties of the papain enzyme contained in green papaya enable it to break down protein, fats, and carbohydrates. These properties are used to break down old keratins, promote skin regeneration, and develop healthy skin. That’s the idea behind our “Green Papaya Blessings: Papaya Soap.”

Green Papaya Blessings: Papaya Soap is made with a cold process that doesn’t heat the ingredients, creating a type of soap called “frame kneaded soap.” The time-consuming process requires long hours of gentle drying and aging before the soap is complete. Of course there are also no synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives used whatsoever. This gentle soap produces a thick lather and can be used by all ages from newborn babies to the elderly.

We want to achieve newborn skin.

Removing dirt and impurities while retaining moisture. This product was developed through the pursuit of these principles.

UV-light exposure generates melanocytes deep in the skin. These melanocytes produce active tryosinase enzymes. This in turn binds to the tyrosine within the melanocytes, becoming a melanin pigment which produces spots and dullness on the skin surface. Strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle that prevents these melanocytes from becoming overly active.* Soap cannot remove melanocytes, so try prevent tanning and sunburns first./p>

Cleaning ability of green papaya enzymes

Green papaya contains large amounts of plant enzymes which can break down all three of the main macronutrients: protein, sugars, and fats. If you struggle with oily skin, persistent dirt, and old keratinaceous skin cells, these enzymes will remove all of these impurities and leave bring back your skin’s natural shine and leave it smooth, healthy, and pink.

Olive oil moisturizing ability

Olive oil contains large amounts of oleic acid (73%), as well as palmitic acid and linoleic acid. The ratio of these 3 compounds is said to be identical to the fat content found in human breast milk and fatty acids. This is reason people say that olive oil has an affinity to your skin, and it has been used for this gentleness and absorption since ancient times in Greece. Applying it to freshly-washed skin as a moisturizer is ideal.

Gentle washing with natural ingredients

Cold processing

Sodium hydroxide is added to naturally-derived oils and mixed to form a soap base. No heating is used at this time, and the soap is made with only the heat from the reaction. This method is called cold processing, and the heat levels used do not affect the plant enzymes and other compounds in papaya which are easily denatured by heat, and they also create moisturizing glycerin as a natural byproduct. Although it takes a long time to achieve a finished bar of soap, there are no non-essential ingredients included, and the resulting soap is gently no both people’s skin and the environment.

Distinctive features of the cold processing method
1) Preserves papaya plant enzymes
2) Preserves the beautifying compounds of olive oil
3) Prevents fat deterioration and oxidation
4) The finished soap contains large amounts of glycerin, a natural moisturizer
5) The finished soap is gentle on the skin

Frame kneading method

This method involves pouring the soap into a frame or mold and allowing it to cool and harden over time. After this step, it is gently dried and aged for about 90 days. This is called frame kneading, and each individual bar of soap is checked over and finished by hand using artisanal techniques.

Distinctive features of the frame kneading method
1) Preserves natural glycerin
2) Finished soap achieves a firm lather
3) The natural drying and aging process creates distinctive character
4) Finished soap contains lots of natural compounds

Gentle on your skin

The grace of nature is made from ingredients that is getle to sensitive skin

The original fermentation technology of our company can be adopt with green papaya sope,and can obtain a unique sense of experience when used.

Papain enzyme

Proteolytic action

Lipolytic action

Sugar decomposition





"Grace of green papaya"is made from all natural ingredients.

It has the mildness which keeps skin healthy an expect eliminating effect to skin allergy and other skin rashes.

synthetic prefume

synthetic pigment

No additives or

No added antisepti

No added surfactant

mineral oil


No added emlsifier

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