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Green papaya enzyme

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Green Papaya fermented food
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NamePapaya fermented foodProduct NameGreen papaya enzyme
materialCarica papaya
Servings90g(3g ×30sachets)

Nutritional Value per 100g

Nutritional Value per 100g
energy368kcalcarbohydrate91.9g fat 0.1g

How to take this product

Bio-Normalizer is a 100% naturally-derived health supplement and contain no additives or preservatives. Unlike pharmaceuticals for which side effects are a concern, these products can be included in any diet without any problems.
In addition, there’s no need to worry about proper timing like pharmaceuticals which require you to take them before, during, or after meals. Take these supplements whenever you like.
Normally, our recommendation is to take one 3 g packet without water before bed.

Green papaya enzyme and Bio Normalizer

Green papaya enzyme is the same product as Bio Normalizer No.11. The only difference is the packaging.

Hippocrates aphorisms and SOUSOU’s Wakabayashi

Some of these include, “diseases that can’t be cured with food can’t be cured by doctors either” and “walking makes your body lighter.”

Hippocrates once said, “diseases that can’t be cured with food can’t be cured by doctors either.” Another of his famous quotes is “walking makes your body lighter.” This is something that everyone knows, but what he’s saying seems extremely important. SOUSOU’s Wakabayashi expressed Japanese culture from Kyoto to the world in the form of fashion and also was a producer of unusual Japanese-style desserts and interior goods. He has a talent for speaking straight to the point in the same way as Hippocrates and always draws the interest of people listening to him. It was his idea that led to the launch of the Bio-Normalizer product rebranded as “GreenPapaya Enzymes.” Wakabayashi wanted to deliver an amazing product to people unfamiliar with Bio-Normalizer.

SOUSOU × GreenPapaya

Green papaya is packed with enzymes.
That’s why the product name “GreenPapaya Enzymes” was chosen.」

The nickname friends call each other by to shorten the distance between them supposedly came from “eke” originally, which means “additional name.” Some people like giving others nicknames, and they can be divided into two categories, praising and disparaging. Wakabayashi is a wonderful person who comes up with nicknames that make the other person feel good.

People know what a papaya is but can’t picture what it looks like.

Although few people are unfamiliar with the word papaya, many are vague on its shape and color. People often say they can’t tell the difference between papayas and mangoes. For this reason, a green papaya illustration was added to the package design. The design was created by world-famous textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka.

Meeting the needs of new purchasing demographics

As an antioxidant product that removes activated oxygen from the body, Bio-Normalizer has a variety of effects. The excessive production of activated oxygen produces oxidative stress, and people tend to focus on the ways in which this can contribute to cancer, heart disease, lifestyle diseases, and various other conditions. The research related to Bio-Normalizer was also carried out with a focus on medicinal effects related to AIDS, cancer, and diabetes. However, before severe diseases like this occur, our bodies experience milder symptoms such as breakouts, sleeplessness, and malaise. This is called a “presymptomatic” phase in Chinese traditional medicine, and Bio-Normalizer is also effective for health care in this pre-illness period. Although some of our customers up until now have expected Bio-Normalizer to be more effective than pharmaceuticals, GreenPapaya Enzymes was designed for people uneasy about pre-illness signs from their bodies.

2016 Monde Selection Gold Award

The second papaya fermented food product in the world to receive this award.

The 2016 Monde Selection Awards ceremony was held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The venue was a neo-classical building called Pesti Vigado, a superb product in its own right. In this severe atmosphere, the GreenPapaya Enzymes packaging with its Japanese culture design elements was highly regarded.

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