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Bio-Normalizer No.11

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Green Papaya fermented food
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NamePapaya fermented foodProduct NameBioNormalizer No.11
materialCarica papaya
Servings90g(3g ×30sachets)

Nutritional Value per 100g

Nutritional Value per 100g
energy368kcalcarbohydrate91.9g fat 0.1g

How to take this product

Bio-Normalizer is a 100% naturally-derived health supplement and contain no additives or preservatives. Unlike pharmaceuticals for which side effects are a concern, these products can be included in any diet without any problems.
In addition, there’s no need to worry about proper timing like pharmaceuticals which require you to take them before, during, or after meals. Take these supplements whenever you like.
Normally, our recommendation is to take one 3 g packet without water before bed.

1969, Sun-O was the first in the world to successfully ferment green papaya.

50 years have passed since the birth of this product.
Bio-Normalizer is a pioneering green papaya fermented food product.

Research into the possibility of fermented green papaya started from the idea of an academic named Dr. Akira Ohsato: “Healing diseases requires various areas of the body endowed with self-defense mechanisms such as immune function and self-healing to be appropriately active. In this way, these mechanisms can be utilized to their full potential.” In 1969, Dr. Akira Ohsato’s efforts led to the first successful fermentation of green papaya fruit in the world. After an additional 20 years of research, the product was launched in 1988. Three years later in 1991, an academic paper titled “Bio-catalyzer α/ρ No. 11 (Bio-Normalizer No. 11) and the free radical scavenging action of its byproducts” was published, and the free radical scavenging action of Bio-Normalizer became well-known throughout society. The assessment of its effects was extended worldwide, reaching as far as a humanitarian medical mission for the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine. In addition, a humanitarian mission was implemented with Tianjin University in response to the SARS outbreak in China in 2003, and Bio-Normalizer achieved great results.

Evaluation of taste and quality

Evaluation of taste and quality as a green papaya fermented food product:
gold award winner 5 years in a row.

Monde Selection is an international evaluation organization for product quality which was established in Belgium in 1961. Good taste is a must, and the organization also rates products based on raw materials, hygiene, the beauty of the packaging, accuracy of listed information, and effectiveness in the case of supplements. Following these strict checks, Bio-Normalizer received the gold award for the papaya fermented food product category 5 years in a row.

International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)

iTQi is one of the world’s most prominent independent organizations conducting testing, awards, and promotion for food and drink products all over the world with superb taste. The judges are first-class chefs and sommeliers who are members of the 15 organizations below, a collection of extremely influential Culinary Associations and the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) in Europe. In 2014, the great taste and commitment to safety of Bio-Normalizer was recognized by this organization, and the product was presented with the “Superior Taste Award.”

Evaluation of health effects

After successfully fermenting green papaya for the first time worldwide in 1969, an additional 20 years of research was spent on the health effects, after which the product finally went on sale in 1988. Three years later in 1991, an academic paper titled “Bio-catalyzer α/ρ No. 11 (Bio-Normalizer No. 11) and the free radical scavenging action of its byproducts” was published, and the free radical scavenging action of Bio-Normalizer became well-known throughout society. More than 130 articles have now been written about it, an extremely large number in comparison to other functional foods.

Joint research projects related to Bio-Normalizer have been conducted with prestigious universities in Japan as well as numerous other countries overseas,

Joint research projects related to Bio-Normalizer have been conducted with prestigious universities in Japan as well as numerous other countries overseas, such as the University of Santo Tomas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Russia), Russian State Medical University (Russia), National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology (Russia), the Vitamin Institute (Russia), University of California at Berkeley, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Sant'Anna Hospital (Italy), Niguarda Hospital (Italy), Ecommerm Institute (France), Bordeaux University (France), University of Santo Tomas Research Center for the Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences (Philippines), and the Bohol Provincial Hospital (Philippines). Through these efforts, Bio-Normalizer has been found extremely effective for improving a variety of pathologies and illnesses.

The product has received numerous prestigious awards from international academic organizations.

Mechnikov Medal winner in 1995. In recognition for research in fields such as immunology and applied microbiology, Russia’s Mechnikov Institute (Dr. Mechnikov: Winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize for microbiology and lactobacteria research) awarded Bio-Normalizer the Mechnikov Medal.

Quality of Life Award winner in 1999. Received the “Quality of Life Award” at the 1st Global Conference on Aging.

Received an honorary doctorate from Yaroslavl State University in Russia and the honorary title of army surgeon general from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Space Forces Medical Department in 1998.

Evaluation of humanitarian activities

Evaluation of the Bio-Normalizer product, which as not been recognized as an antioxidant compound, occurred as a result of the humanitarian medical mission for the victims exposed to radiation in the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a source of concern worldwide. In addition, Bio-Normalizer humanitarian activities such as the mission conducted with Tianjin University in response to the SARS epidemic in China in 2003 have achieved great results as well.

The product has received certificates of gratitude for its contribution to numerous humanitarian missions.

Humanitarian activities for nuclear disaster survivors were conducted in 1993. These humanitarian efforts were conducted to assist the victims of the Chernobyl accident in 1995. The wife of Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, Raisa Gorbachyova, visited Gifu to deliver a certificate expressing the country’s gratitude.

Humanitarian efforts for the poor were conducted in 2001. Activities to supply poor people in the Philippines with this product free of charge were conducted. Supply to medical organizations within the Philippines government (PCSO) launched.

Humanitarian efforts for malaria patients were conducted in 2002. Following an invitation from the head of state in Papua New Guinea, humanitarian activities for malaria were carried out. A meeting with the head of state and Japanese ambassador was held at the Japan Embassy, and a contract for the supply of Bio-Normalizer was signed.

Humanitarian efforts for the SARS epidemic in 2003. Humanitarian efforts were conducted in coordination with Tianjin University, including the presentation of Bio-Normalizer. 2004. Certified as a “healthy food product for immunomodulation” by the Chinese Government Health Bureau.

Humanitarian efforts were conducted for AIDS patients in 2006. Humanitarian activities were conducted at the “AIDS Children Hospice” in Thailand. The AIDS Children Hospice sent a certificate of gratitude afterward.

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