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Awarded Bio-Normalizer the Mechnikov Medal


1995. In recognition for research in fields such as immunology and applied microbiology, Russia’s Mechnikov Institute (Dr. Mechnikov: Winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize for microbiology and lactobacteria research) awarded Bio-Normalizer the Mechnikov Medal.

Quality of Life Award winner

About (QOL)Quality of Life Award

The word QOL has been translated into various Japanese languages, and refers to the quality of life, the quality of life, and the quality of life. Recently, I have started to say "enhancing QOL." This idea was aimed at creating an environment where people could spend their limited time in patients with terminal cancer, etc., rather than focusing on illness treatment, and could live a daily life that respects the worth of each person's will. It also applies to the way old and bedridden people live, as well as those with other disabilities and illnesses. Biopathy advocates "improving quality of life" means that all people, regardless of illness / health, young and old, can feel better health.

Awarded "Quality of Life Award", the highest award of "International Life Award"

Certificate of Quality of Life Award

In October 1999, the first International Society for Aging was held in Abano Terme, Italy, with WHO (World Health Organization) sponsorship.

At this international conference, Dr. Akira Osato developed a bio-normalizer, a nutraceutical (Note 1) product that uses biotechnology to improve and improve the health and quality of life of mature people. The award was given to the quality of life award, the highest award of the International Life Awards established by the city of Abano Terme.

Science and Humanity Award

[Science and Humanity] was founded

[Science and Humanity] was founded in the United States of California ,International Congress of Oxygen Institute,with the jointnames of the three namely, Dr, Akira Osato, Dr,Lester Packer of America and Dr. Luke Montagnier, of France.


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