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Commitment to organic cultivation

organic papaya

Aiming for environmentally-friendly green papaya with safety and peace of mind


"At organic papaya farms, tall trees such as coconut and mahogany and medium-height trees such as banana, cacao, and neem are planted to protect the papayas from strong winds.
Banana and cacao also serve as food for earthworm fertilizer, providing precious nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that help the papayas grow.
Citronella and marigold planted in the corners of the farmland have a repellent effect, protecting the papayas from various harmful insects.
They also help the soil retain water. These initiatives carried out at the highest-grade organic farms not only produce safe and high-quality green papaya, they also contribute to securing economics and sustainability."

MGreen manure effect

COCONUT is useful as food. The minerals and fibers in coconut are used for fertilizer.

BANANA contains large amount of potassium and phosphorus that are vital nutrients for plants and therefore it is indispensable for making compost. Also, Banana trees are planted as a natural windbreaker.

MADRE CACAO converts nitrogen into natural fertilizer. By planting this medium shrub, we can create a complex mixed planting farmland.

PEANUTGRASS has root bacteria which convert atmospheric nitrogen into natural fertilizer. Its roots are deeply-rooted causing water draining effect.

In the Philippines, it is believed that spirits dwell in Balete trees. The branches of Balete trees provide elegant shades and are planted as a companion plant in the farm.

IWeed prevention effect / Nematode prevention effect

CITRONELLA reduces the density of nematodes which infect papaya and lower the quality and yield. It substitutes for pesticides.

LEMONGRASS protects papaya from mosquitoes and other insects that may carry pathogenic bacteria causing diseases to papaya.

Its flowers attract insects and result in protecting papaya from bugs. Marigold can also prevent weeds.

NEEM TREE prevents pests and nematodes. Also, it breeds actinomycetes to make soil rich and healthy.

LSoil erosion prevention effect / Rehydration effect

Earthworms create crumb structure in soil by processing various plants. Nitrogen produced from cocoa and large amount of potassium and phosphorus in banana help plants grow.

CCarbon storage effect

MAHOGANY protects papaya from strong winds. Mahogany helps prevent global warming because it grows fast and absorbs carbon dioxide.

Production factory with thorough quality management

Bio Normalizer’s primary manufacturing plant is located in the most cutting-edge industrial park in all of the Philippines.

Bio Normalizer’s Philippines factory is located in the First Philippine Industrial Park at the foot of the dormant volcano Mount Makiling in the city of Santo Tomas, Batangas, 52 km south of central Manila (approximately 60 minutes by car). This emerging industrial park was developed as a joint venture of Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation and a local financial clique and is home to a total of 52 companies (29 of which are Japanese companies), including Honda Motor Co., Ltd., IBIDEN Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Phillip Morris. The total number of employees working inside the park is approximately 16,000, and it is one of the major factory clusters supporting the economy of the Philippines.

To ensure full fermentation of the green papaya raw materials inside the factory, a special room is set up which can achieve constant temperature and humidity control. Inspections and other delicate operations are not left to machines. Each green papaya is carefully handled by human workers, and licensed inspection staff carry out thorough quality control in a specialized lab equipped with precision inspection equipment.  Authorized sellers in Japan also visit the Philippines factory. They observe the thorough quality management system for Bio Normalizer here and also undergo training.

Traceability check

Preventing unforgivable mistakes before they occur

“Traceability” refers to understanding where products came from and where they are going. In the case of Bio Normalizer, our proprietary selection standards are used to cultivate carefully chosen green papaya and they are harvested under a strict management system. Also, inspection and management are carried out at all stages of the production process from the primary manufacturing at the Philippine factory to shipping, secondary manufacturing, filling and packaging, inventory control, and delivery to stores.


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