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Lather net

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This lather net is the kind of product that seems like it’s always existed, but it’s actually new.
Although washing your face is extremely important, rubbing soap into your skin without working up a good lather first is not only less effective for cleaning but also a possible cause for various skin problems. However, building up the kind of dense foam that various cosmetics manufacturers recommend takes time and is difficult to do.

To solve this problem, we created this unique lather net. The way it creates a creamy, dense foam in seconds is like magic. This foam penetrates all over your faces to lift out dirt from every pore, drastically improving washing performance. It’s also great for bathing bedridden patients and use as a shaving foam for men.

The structure like a paper balloon is the secret to this magical lather net.

When the 3 core components of lather, water, air, and cleaning compounds are forced through the membrane of this paper balloon, they mix together instantly, producing a silky foam unlike other methods. The micro lather penetrates deep into your pores, gently and thoroughly lifting out dirt and cleaning them.


Name Lather net Product Name Lather net
Material polyethylene Size About15×8
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