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Enzymes in a tasty supplement
green papaya fermented food product

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official Bio-Normalizer

Do you know "Bio-Normalizer",The Green papaya fermented food ?。

Feb 6, 2020
About inquiry to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak
As concerns about new coronavirus infections increase, inquiries about products are increasing.
There are some internet media that mention our humanitarian assistance for the 2003 "SARS (new pneumonia) virus".
We have no knowledge of new coronaviruses.
Even if there is an exhibition of our products in a flea market or a personal auction,
Without expecting the effect on the new coronavirus,
Please read the information from the WHO carefully,
Please use it for infection control.
Click here for details
Feb 1, 2020
Notice of delay of international flights to China due to the influence of "Coronavirus"
Thank you for your continued pleasure at the time of your service.
Thank you for your special praise.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the delivery of international mail to China and other countries has been delayed.
Luggage to the following areas cannot be specified for the specified delivery date and delivery time zone.
In addition, regarding orders that are considered to be a large purchase or resale purpose of products,
We may ask you to cancel,
Please understand without evil.

* Shipment is possible, but will be shipped with "no designation".
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you.

Regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau
Jan 20, 2020
Natural & Organic Festival in Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro
We will open a store in Japan's largest natural & organic festival! !
Food, cosmetics and gentle living "Natural & Organic Fes"
Tobu department store Ikebukuro store 8F exhibition space.
It will be held from 10:00 on Friday, January 31.

★ Natural & Organic Festival Details ★
2020/1/29 (Fri)-2/6 (Thu)
From 10:00 to 20:00 (※ 18:00 on the last day)

Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 8F Exhibition Hall (No. 1-3)
(1-1-25, Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku)

【Entry fee】
Nov 7, 2019
Published in the September 29 issue of anan
"In order to create an aura-filled skin that emits light from the inside," Anan Research Institute surveyed about inner care items. Bio-Normalizer was taken up as a "medical fruit ability group".
Oct 1, 2019
Sales tax rate increased from 8% to 10% per day
The consumption tax rate was raised from 8% to 10% per day. Along with this,
BN PET (bottle / clear BOX), PAPAYA SOAP, Imabari Towel, Imabari Hand Towel
, The consumption tax will be changed for products of "soap holder" and "whipping net". Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding. Thank you for your continued patronage.
May 20, 2016
Sagi saito `maiherusufūdo' ni go chūi kudasai 23/5000 Beware of the fraud site "My Health Food"
The bio-normalizer is on sale at the supplement's online shop called "My Health Food",
All are fictitious scam sites, including their distributors.

--------------- Fictional fraud site URL -----------------


---------------- Fictional company overview ------------------
Store name: Gic Co., Ltd.
Capital: 12 million yen
Established: May 2009
E-mail: Contact
Opening hours: Customer support center weekdays 09: 00-20: 00 (closed on public holidays)

-------------------------------------------------- -

According to our research, we only know that it is a Chinese fraud site.

We are taking steps to notify the police so that the damage to our customers does not increase,
Please be careful even if you leave it.
In the unlikely event that you are affected, consult your local police station.

Thank you.

Introduction of published magazines

“Bio-Normalizer” and “green papaya enzymes” have been featured in popular magazines such as anana and BI-ST.

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Commitment to organic cultivation

With the goal of achieving a safe and environmentally-friendly green papaya supplement you can take with peace of mind,

We are sharing detailed information about the organic farms where green papaya fruit is grown and the factories where the product is made. This green papaya supplement is manufactured using ingredients sourced from the best organic farms available and is a high-quality, safe and reliable product reasonably-priced for continual use.

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An approach to the body through the phases of the moon

“Papaya trees are at their healthiest in the new moon and full moon phases, and in the same way, the moon is said to have a certain power that affects both the natural world and humans.
The moon affects a variety of processes such as ebb and flow of the tide, births, women’s menstrual cycles, and growth of plants. Green papaya is grown alongside the rhythm of the moon, and it restores this rhythm to those who take it. For this reason, we call it the ‘moon enzyme.”

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