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  • No.11Bio-Normalizer
  • Bio-pet Papaya fermentation food
  • papaya soap
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A 100% natural ingredient soap that is gentle to the skin., prepared with a papain enzyme cleansing effect and olive oil moisturizing action.
The secret to the babies tender  skin is the  retention of moisture  and flexibility.

Papain is the major enzymes of papaya, which has a special seperate function that effectively dissolves dead skin (dead cells) only.This will promote the metabolism of the skin, revealing a "softer" and "whiter "skin.
The papain enzyme clears away oily skin and gets rid of stubborn dirt from pores and revitalize into a healthy pink glow.

Olive oil contains (73%) oleic acid including palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. Actually ,the ratio of these components is almost the same with human breast milk and fatty acids.
The reason why the gentle oil easily adapt into the skin is beacause it is said that "the olive oil is close to human skin", and it has been used since the ancient Greece generation. You can obtain a sense of refreshment and moisture retention effect of the skin after a wash.

Cleanses with a refreshing sensation,  and the two reasons of moisturizing effect

Papain enzyme exfoliate old old keratin

Reveals a more beautiful , a more youthful,and flexible skin through the combination of olive oil and green papaya.

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Bio Soap

Bio Soap

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Papaya Soap



It promising effective for remove cause of pimple or blackhead that pore-clogging debris and excess oil by lipolytic action of papain enzyme component in the green papaya.

It promising effective for clear up exfoliates dead cells, bulky skins and dullness by Proteolytic action of papain enzyme.


No-artificial material. The raw material is as a natural material, so be available for someone with sensitive skin. Clean up action of papain will softly protect skin.


Vary in skin trouble such as bulky skins, surface roughness, pimple, dullness and pore-clogging debris.


These main cause are slowing down metabolism of skin and pore-clogging debris. Papain enzyme component in the green papaya has action that decompose protain, fat and sugar.
We thought decompose pore-clogging debris, support metabolism with this action, it can be possible to create health skin . While relying on the wisdom of ancestor who harnessed nature, it promising obtain like a baby skin.

Name papaya soap           Product nameBlessing of papaya
Raw materialolive oil, water,
palm kernel oil, sodium hydrate,
palm olein, rice bran oil,
grape seeds oil, papaya fruit extract,
yeast culture, glucose,
Servings 100g

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