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  • No.11Bio-Normalizer
  • Bio-pet Papaya fermentation food
  • papaya soap
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Green papaya fermented food. Enzyme is good for the body.
The full vitality of green papaya is easily absorb to the body.The power of fermented green papaya will lead to a healthy tomorrow.
Moreover , fermenting the papain enzyme has made green papaya more tastier.
Bio-Normalizer is a fermented food made from a whole green papaya fruit named as the King of Enzyme. Through fermentation the nutrients contained in the green papaya, has turned into a new nutrient and is easily absorb by the body and has a rich taste. Now, take Bio-Normalizer with you for your daily health.
1 Create original flavor ingredients. 2 Effective nutrition replenishment

Here is what's amazing with green papaya.

Bio-Normalizer is the three major nutrients that decomposes papain enzyme is a very rare and hard to intake group of nutrient that is naturally fermented from the the whole fruit, seed and peel of green papaya. 。
1 Create original flavor ingredients
Through yeast and by adding effective ingredients, increases the nutritious value and taste that is not in the base of the food.
2 Effective nutrition replenishment
Since the food molecules becomes smaller through the process of fermentation ,it is easily absorb by theintestines.Therefore, it is said to be much better for the body rather than eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
3 It excels in preservation and portability
Food frementation is suitable in todays modern life because of its portability and excellent preservation and can take enough nutrients even in small quantity.

This people is a habitual user and beloved Bio-Normalizer.

I want to go out frequently cheerfully.

To stay young and healthy forever

For the first time in the world, by Dr. Akira Osato, succeeded in the fermentation of green papaya, and in 1969, Bio-Normalizer was commercialized. The accomplishment was recognized and recieved numerous honorable commendation from the International Academic Institute.
A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded by Mr.and Mrs.Gorbachev for humanitarian support to the Chernobyl bomb victims.
Recieved the, Quality of Life, award in Italy in 1999
Recieved the .Metchnikoff Medal award in 1995

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Bio-Normalizer No.11

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Bio-Normalizer No.11


dose method

  Bio-Normalizer is health foods that uniquely ferment the green papaya which has excellent component such a papain enzyme and antioxidant and then improve function.

 take a sachet(3g) before bedtime. At that time, eat and chew meltingly it without water.
NamePapaya fermented foodProduct NameBioNormalizer No.11
materialCarica papaya
edible yeast
Servings90g(3g ×30sachets)

Nutritional Value per 100g

Nutritional Value per 100g
energy368kcalcarbohydrate91.9g fat 0.1g

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