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  • No.11Bio-Normalizer
  • Bio-pet Papaya fermentation food
  • papaya soap
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BN-pet is a 100% natural
バThe Bio-Normalizer, which is the origin of the elements of BN-Pet, is the green papaya fermented foods provided from the Philippines organic farming of green papaya was research and developed by Dr.Akira Osato in 1969.
The effect of the numerous clinical research of Bio-Normalizer was proven and result was publicize., and the principles revelation that it is also applicable to plants and animals.
BN-Pet is a green papaya fermented foods exclusively for pets,aims to induce to the fullest the natural healing power that the animals itself have for a disease resistant body.
Medical Fruit Green Papaya

Immunity enhancing element<br />

By boosting the immune system of the pets protects the body from cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Improper function of the immune system will lead to symptoms such as chronic or acute infection of eczema, yeast infections, arthropathy, food allergy, ear infections, slow healing of wounds or impaired reproductive capacity. BN-Pet supports your pet's immune system, giving the body resistance to infection,without any worries from side effects.

Intestinal health

It is not actually necessary for dogs and cats to produce all enzymes which human being needs to digest food. However, the necessity occurs since they come to live with the people. The BN-Pet , from the fermented green papaya becomes the nutrient that is easily absorbed to the body, working to normalize body functions and keeps optimal intestinal environment.

Allergy reaction and inflammation

Oftenly I depend on steroid and antihistamine for the medical treatment of the allergy of pets but it only alleviate the symptom. It may be effective for the mean time but is difficult for complete cure.Due to scientific research, BN-Pet supports to control allergy reaction, and anticipate relief of symptoms associated with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and dermatitis.
Instant energy
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Active Oxygan be ascribed as the cause of varied deseases. BN-Pet adjust amount of active oxygan at normal levels due to a leavening action which the green papaya, raw material of BN-Pet and yeast and lactic acid bacteria. And it improves immunity has theirselevs. It also, be rich in citric acid, acidum tartaricum and be described as effective for relieving fatigue.

Papain be contained in the green papaya is enzyme that break down protein, lipid and carbohydrate.This will have potencial for support to assimilation and increase intestinal good bacterium then prevent growing bad bacterium. It also have potencial for protect gastrointestinal mucosa and keep well and clean blood, enteral environment.


Aforementioned papain breaks down histamine as cause of pain and has potential for effective in alleviate the pain. Have excellent anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect, it is used as external medicine for burn or external injury. It also has potencial for effectiveachieve symptom relief of allergic disease such as hay fever.



It can use for every pet and give it plain. The perfect time is an empty stomach. Optimum amount is 0.1g?0.2g per kilogram of body weight. This amount should be used only as a guide. Adjust it depending on pet's condition. (1g per spoon)
juvenile period, small dog, cat (body weight 1?5kg) 1 spoon
medium-size dog, cat (body weight 5?10kg) 2spoons
large-sized dog (body weight 10?30kg) 3spoons
Name Papaya fermented food Product Name BIO PET mirumiru genki!
material Carica papaya
edible yeast
Servings 55g

特 徴

(1)easy-to-eat fermanted food for pet.
(2)Use the all natural material so no matter for side-effect.
(3)Have potencial for differenceof body condition.

(1)Store it hygienically.
(2)Avoid strenuous activity after take it.
(3)Be concerned with adequate intake.
(4)Keep in cold dark place.

nutrition facts

nutrition facts per 100g
energy368kcalcarbohydrate91.9g fat 0.1g

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